Saturday, December 11, 2010

Thank-you Woollies

Last post I mentioned I wanted to get back to my journal.  I picked up my favorite leather journal that I have ignored for quite a while.  It has beautiful rich brown grainy leather, with a thin leather tie to close my secrets.  I love looking back to see what I've written over the past months.  I found a little note of gratitude that I'd like to share. It's modeled after a blog called Thx Thx Thx by Leah Dieterich in which she shares a daily thx on her blog.  I love that practice of simple and sometimes banal and even disgusting thank-you notes. 
This one I wrote last January, no doubt on a cold winters night.

Thx Thx Thx-

my beautiful wool bedding.  You gave me sleep, restful sleep when my pain was such that I was the princess on the pea.  I could not tolerate a normal mattress, or any kind of common bedding. Every sheet felt like sandpaper on my skin.  You cradled me in wool. No need to count sheep. I'm sleeping on a cloud again, border collie dreams beside me.

Peace, Healing, Humor,

❤❤ my fish want some peppermint bark
☀☀ my bedding comes from surround ewe you can find it on my links

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