Thursday, February 16, 2012

Post-Partum Training for you and your Vagina

I saw this post on the Facebook page of my physical therapist. It was first released on Slate Magazine.  The article is very general, but the idea of getting your pelvic floor into shape pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy make so much sense. Many athletic trainers attempt to train women to strengthen the pelvic floor through kegels, which can create a very unhappy and painful vagina. So, my bias would be to find a PT who works exclusively with woman and pelvic health.  Keep that pelvis, happy!

Peace, Healing, Humor,


Friday, February 10, 2012

Forced Sabbatical

Cora here,
back after several months of being very... much... away.   The last post was in May of 2011 and that seems like lifetimes ago.  I was going along with life- living each day in what I thought was the "moment", as those of us with chronic pain learn to do so well.  Doing the things that keep me balanced- tai chi, walks in nature, eating healthy, nurturing myself and family and taking care of the things you have to take care of with pain as your companion.  Living a rearranged but full life, keeping it simple but also full of challenge.

In Aug of 2011, life changed again for us, in one of those proverbial "instants" we hear about. I am including a link to a post about what happened.  I am going to tell you that for now, there is a very happy ending.  The ending says that right now, Keith is cancer free as in NED. No. Evidence of. Disease.

Here is the beginning of the story and why I have been away from blogging at the haiku.  I'm happy to be back and I think there are things I want to write about since cancer barged into our life with pain.  Dare I say it was a very daring move on cancer's part, but you know that truth: Cancer doesn't care.  Cancer doesn't discriminate.  Cancer doesn't pencil you in. 

I originally started a blog about the cancer, but I am going to continue that writing in my new blog called Universe Willing.  So, I'll be writing between Universe Willing and Vagina Haiku.  In the meantime, here is Chapter 1 of that crazy cancer episode that stole six months of our life, and a slice of our sanity.  It offered up more lessons learned.  I'm a little tired of being in this kind of real life boot camp of a classroom,  but as they often say "It is what it Is".  Introducing my first post- Cora and the Cancer that Came to visit Keith.  I'll be cross posting between my two blogs. It's good to be back and I hope and pray that there are no big interruptions on the horizon.   Universe Willing. 
Peace, Healing, Humor,