Friday, February 10, 2012

Forced Sabbatical

Cora here,
back after several months of being very... much... away.   The last post was in May of 2011 and that seems like lifetimes ago.  I was going along with life- living each day in what I thought was the "moment", as those of us with chronic pain learn to do so well.  Doing the things that keep me balanced- tai chi, walks in nature, eating healthy, nurturing myself and family and taking care of the things you have to take care of with pain as your companion.  Living a rearranged but full life, keeping it simple but also full of challenge.

In Aug of 2011, life changed again for us, in one of those proverbial "instants" we hear about. I am including a link to a post about what happened.  I am going to tell you that for now, there is a very happy ending.  The ending says that right now, Keith is cancer free as in NED. No. Evidence of. Disease.

Here is the beginning of the story and why I have been away from blogging at the haiku.  I'm happy to be back and I think there are things I want to write about since cancer barged into our life with pain.  Dare I say it was a very daring move on cancer's part, but you know that truth: Cancer doesn't care.  Cancer doesn't discriminate.  Cancer doesn't pencil you in. 

I originally started a blog about the cancer, but I am going to continue that writing in my new blog called Universe Willing.  So, I'll be writing between Universe Willing and Vagina Haiku.  In the meantime, here is Chapter 1 of that crazy cancer episode that stole six months of our life, and a slice of our sanity.  It offered up more lessons learned.  I'm a little tired of being in this kind of real life boot camp of a classroom,  but as they often say "It is what it Is".  Introducing my first post- Cora and the Cancer that Came to visit Keith.  I'll be cross posting between my two blogs. It's good to be back and I hope and pray that there are no big interruptions on the horizon.   Universe Willing. 
Peace, Healing, Humor,

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