Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Long Night

It is still dark out. Single digit weather in early December.  I hear a few cars slowly moving across the snow packed street.  But, all is still and dark and quiet.  Cowboy yelps now and then in his sleep as his respirations increase during dream time. His feet paddle like he is chasing a little critter in his sleep. Most of the critters are in deep hibernation right now.

Why am I posting right now?  I had a totally, sleepless night. I did not have any caffeine before I went to bed, and I took my usual sleep meds.  My brain just decided to stay awake.  So, tonight I didn't fight it. I just lay awake during this long night.

I skimmed through Jacob Teitlebaum's book "From Fatigued to Fantastic!"  Love that exclamation point at the end. So confident.

I took a questionnaire test to see if I fell into the chronic fatigue category or the fibromyalgia category.  Came out fibromyalgia.

I got up and had one small delicious piece of Dove Peppermint Bark that my friend Cindy got me hooked on.

I ordered some new vitamin supplements. All packed into one powerful formula.  Maybe I'll be more compliant just taking the big scoop.

I have to get up now and start my day.  Feed Cowboy. Wake up my body that did not sleep.

It's been over a year since I truly stayed up all night. Not one minute of dozing.

 It's very still out here in the country.

My legs ache a bit but I'll do some tai chi, take a warm bath, and this morning will be a strong cup of coffee day.

I hope you have been resting peacefully.  Today I choose to embrace the beauty of the day and remain a little awake.

Peace, Healing, Humor,


  1. sometimes, making the best of it is the better medicine...if we are ever up at the same time we should chat:)


  2. That's funny. I was thinking of you a lot last night because I had trouble sleeping too I think because my whole body was very sore. I was contemplating fibromyalgia and life with pain and sleeplessness due to pain. I had an intense massage yesterday and am pretty sure that's why I was sore...today I got cleared for a full hip assessment with an orthopedic hip doc. A new adventure! I also found out that I am a patient in a case study of pelvic pain...I am a trailblazer. I did so much while I lay awake at night! : )

  3. Ya Tizi, knit and snooze and chat,


  4. Cora, it was a long night for me too. I saw your post on facebook at 4 a.m. What a lovely response to your sleepnessness, though! Isn't it funny what words can just come out of us at times?

    Insomnia makes me so thankful for Iphones...I can just lay in bed and surf the net. I did lots of that last night (or morning, I should say).