Friday, April 15, 2011


It is 03:30 and for some reason, I am still awake.  I'm not in pain, just awake.  I am  
reminded of a fortune from a cookie that I saved for years.  My husband found it in a cookie during the years he was a resident in medicine, often sleep deprived.  I am also listening to the BBC, and they are discussing nursing in the NHS.  I am happy to hear such strong advocacy for nurses.  Usually, with the soft voices of the BBC, I can fall asleep to the late night BBC broadcast. With such proper accents, bad news sounds less bad.

Well, here is the fortune:

Long is the night, to those who lie awake.

Sov Gott,
Sleep Well,
Guten Nacht,
Catch some ZZZzzzzzz

I'll be singing "Here comes the Sun," shortly

Peace, Healing, Humor


Feed the little fishies please
kind thanks.

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